Compliant online vehicle checkout for OEMs

A licensed, full-stack solution enabling OEMs to compliantly sell vehicles in the U.S. through their websites, instantly unlocking market coverage.

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The Ekho Dealer Advantage


In saved margin over traditional means of distribution

Predictable, low markup per vehicle


Number of online vehicle shoppers annually in the U.S.

Support online sales with Ekho Dealer


% of buyers starting the purchase journey on the OEM's site

Convert leads on your website with Ekho Dealer

Financing out of the box

We're proud to be able to offer financing to Superprime (credit scores of 720+) all the way through to Subprime (credit scores of 580-619) with terms from 12 to 84 months.

Registration and Titling solved

With Ekho Dealer, you're able to save vehicle buyers a trip to the DMV. Buyers complete their forms online and simply receive their title and registration in the mail.

Insurance upselling and verification

With Ekho Dealer, buyers can satisfy insurance requirements with their existing insurance, or by purchasing compliant policies from our platform. Never have to worry about the ever-changing policy requirements.


Protect your margins with lower markups and zero fixed costs.

Ekho Dealer

Low % markup/vehicle

Simple integration → instant market coverage

Low, one-time implementation fee

Completely online purchase experience

Traditional Dealership

15-25%+ markup/vehicle

3+ months to prospect & onboard

$40,000 avg. cost of prospecting & onboarding

Punitive territory and termination protections

Being your own dealer

Millions to set up & support

4-8 months to become licensed per state

Dozens of staff to support T&R, financing, insurance, compliance

Illegal in many states - ever-changing legal landscape

How it works

1. Install our plugin

Get up and running in no time by installing one of our e-commerce plugins with little to no code required.

2. Customize your checkout

Configure our prebuilt checkout flow to look and feel like your own website. Select the add-on products you would like to upsell during checkout.

3. Offload titling, registration, financing, and insurance

Let us handle the critical components in the vehicle buying process so that you can focus on what matters most: building vehicles.

4. Sell your vehicles

That's it! Start selling your vehicles compliantly from your own website.

The future of vehicle buying

1. Pick your vehicle on the OEM's website

With Ekho Dealer's simple e-commerce integration

2. Simple, online checkout

Provide a checkout flow that optimizes for conversion while ensuring compliance

3. Incredible buyer experience

Finance, register, title, insure, and schedule delivery without visiting a dealership

Effortless e-commerce integration

Pre-built plugins for various platforms or native website support.

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